Trouble at St Paul's

Having allowed the camp to set up around the outskirts of the Cathedral, it then claimed that visitors and worshippers were unable to gain access to the Cathedral. This was never the case in my experience. At times there is a large influx of visitors but even during their main meetings the members of the camp give way to members of the public.

Then came the claim that the Cathedral would have to close for health and safety reasons yet no complaints were made from the authorities and request in writing of  details of the reasons for such claim have not been forthcoming. Indeed the fence (right) appears a far greater hazard in case of evacuation of the cathedral than a tent. If there is a drop in the number of visitors then exaggerated claims that there are health and safety issues, as well as a 14 entrance fee must surely have contributed to this.

There were unnecessary fears that the
protesters would disrupt the Lord Mayor's coach during the Lord Mayor's Show. In the event there were no incidents. It was
surprising that the Cathedral appeared to have had no objections or worry about health and safety, when a large stand was erected near the south door.

There were fears too that the camp would
disrupt the Remembrance services. 
Instead a number of the camp designed and produced a Poppy banner which was displayed. (see below)

Indeed the only problem arose when a number of the camp who had incidentally been invited to the Cathedral were told to leave and were  escorted out of the
Cathedral by security guards.

The Cathedral authorities assured the camp that they were outside security not cathedral staff, but it shows that the
Cathedral cannot guarantee the good
behaviour of those in the Cathedral yet
expect those on the camp to take
responsibility for their visitors.

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